Transpartisan Notes Collection

We are currently in the process of producing new versions of the Notes collection. Now that we are approaching Note #50 (!) we realize our documents are getting a tad long. We will also be providing a means to order a print copy as well.

From the Authors & Editors of the Transpartisan Review

If you are only now discovering A. Lawrence Chickering and Jim S. Turner’s Transpartisan Notes, here’s a chance to read them all at once and even put them on your favorite mobile device.

This original collection presents Notes #1 – #36 and includes the author’s  Transpartisan Matrix — all in one PDF document.

Also, part of this collection are the Transpartisan Review’s Special Notes and interactive contents.

To Download: Right-click and save to your computer.

Transpartisan Notes Collection (pdf)

Fixed Layout eBook Version (epub)


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